Pol Transport is a leading logistics transportation company providing comprehensive transportation solutions to companies worldwide. We specialize in transporting large and special cargoes that require unique handling and equipment.

At Pol Transport, we pride ourselves on our flexible and reliable transportation services that ensure your special cargo arrives po time and in excellent condition. Throughout the entire logistics process, we provide comprehensive planning, coordination and execution of your transportation needs to ensure that your shipment is delivered safely.

With us, you can get the entire logistics process including transportation by truck, train, ship or plane. We take care of the planning, all you have to do is schedule an order.

Two new trucks from Pol transport. A car with trailer and a truck-mounted crane

A fleet of


Truck transportation is one of the most common ways to transport your freight. At Pol Transport, we have an extensive fleet of cars which results in us always having the right car for the job. Our drivers load, transport and unload your freight at your chosen destination.


Transporting freight by ship is a cost effective way to get your freight from point A to point B. At Pol Transport, we offer the option of having your freight transported by ship. An advantage of transporting cargo by ship is that it is more sustainable than transporting it by road or air, and transport by ship offers a high degree of safety.


It is also possible to have cargo transported by plane at Pol Transport. When we take care of your entire logistics process, we offer the possibility of having your cargo transported by plane through one of our partners. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact us quickly!


Transporting your freight by train is an efficient way to move your cargo quickly across multiple national borders. At the loading address, we load your cargo onto one of our trucks that then transport your cargo to a train that will take your cargo further. We take care of everything so you don't have to worry.

The entire process taken out of your hands

At the start of the project, we will ask you some questions about the type of transportation you need. This is where the freight is created with one of our partners, details are passed on so that the shipment is ready for transport.

We load your transport before it is shipped by one of our partners. Then the first transport is started here to, for example, a local port or airport where your transport will continue.

After your cargo is loaded onto your chosen mode of transportation, your cargo is transported. We offer various transportation options such as transportation by truck, plane, ship or train. We coordinate this together.

Finally, your shipment is received at your specified location. Again, we take care of the process and ensure that the transport arrives safely and neatly at its destination to complete the job successfully.





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